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“It was a pleasure to curate TODAY, TOMORROWS for week three of  G5A’s culture festival - Should Art 2022 - around the themes of Citizenry, Margins, Learning and Neighbourhood.


G5A is a  place where people can be moved to go beyond their limitations and we can hopefully cultivate a more empathetic society. 

It was an unusual coming together of artists, activists and historians. I do believe we did (at least to some extent) demolish hierarchies created by social addresses. It was an honour to have had the opportunity to listen to so many wonderful people “  - T.M. Krishna

About Should Art 2022


Should Art 2022 was a three-week festival curated by G5A through a concentrated immersion into art, technology, and sustainability with artists, artisans, and the local neighborhood community, simultaneously recognising the collaborative spirit of art-making, as well as the importance of our individual, often isolated, artistic journeys.

The festival also aimed at coming together to explore new and old, languages of communication, conversations, and storytelling.

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