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SCHEDULE - March 2024


Friday, 8th Mar | 6 pm


Dharani School of Performing Arts, Kochi, Kerala

Concert along with:  Trivandrum Sampath(Violin), (Mrdangam), Vazhapally Krishnakumar (Ghatam)
Presenting Organisation: Dharani School of Performing Arts
All are welcome

Sunday, 10th Mar | 6 pm

Presentation of Kamalamba Navavarnams
Medai - The Stage, Chennai

Concert along with: Dr. R Hemalatha (Violin), K Arun Prakash (Mrdangam) and his disciples
resenting Organisation:  Guruguhaamrta

All are welcome

Tuesday, 12th Mar | 6.30 pm

Christian Medical College, Vellore

"Art and Society - an intertwined existence"
All are welcome

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