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For the first time, T.M. Krishna’s key writings have been put together in this extraordinary collection. The Spirit of Enquiry: Dissent as an Art Form draws from his rich body of work, thematically divided into five key sections: art and artistes; the nation state; the theatre of secularism; savage inequalities; and in memoriam. Revised and expanded, and with marvellous new additional materials and powerful new introductions, this is a collection that reflects the critical and cultural engagement of one of our finest thinkers, public intellectuals and practitioners of art.



‘Conversation with Gopalkrishna Gandhi at the Launch of the Book’ – Watch on YouTube

‘TM Krishna on his collection of over 50 essays—The Spirit of Enquiry— gives readers an insight into the way his ideas have changed and nuanced over a period of time’ – The New Indian Express

‘The book reflects his searingly outspokenness about issues affecting the human condition. He is at once philosophical, aesthetic and socio-political and asks important questions about how art is made, performed and disseminated.’ – Times Of India

‘At the bedrock of this entire discussion is democracy, enshrined as a philosophical, political, social and cultural constant within our Constitution. Without it resonating within our every action, the state becomes a violent force and the nation oxygen-deprived.’ – The Wire

‘The idea of fear is a constant in our culture': TM Krishna at the launch of his new book’ – The News Minute

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