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The Artiste series was conceptualized in early 2019  to be able to have short but intense conversations with varied artists, artists who belong to different art forms, who play different instruments, who have a different cultural experience of art itself, and the conversation was not to be limited by just their biography or technique of playing, etc. but to try and give the listener, the viewer an experience of being an artist in that cultural milieu and thus an opportunity for the listener to experience the art form in its holistic sense. We heard different perspectives through the conversations, the relationship between the art and the artist, the art and the society, the way the art is perceived, the art and the occasion, and more importantly, the art and the self. With no specific agenda in place, these conversations were candid,  to look at the various facets that go into making art and making the artist, and we do hope, through that, the person viewing it gets a larger perspective of the art world. Understanding art in its heterogeneous meaning, the attitudes to explore, understand and learn are plenty. These conversations tend to redefine the idea of art, the idea of the artist, the technique of the art, the biography of the person, everything changes and we do hope that through this series, we can give you as diverse an experience as possible so that your idea of the art world also expands.

The Artiste
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