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Svanubhava is one of the flagship initiatives of Sumanasa Foundation. This initiative started as a festival to benefit students of performing arts wherein concerts were crafted exclusively for them to perform. However this transformed into an arts appreciation and audience building initiative for the arts. Svanubhava also presents an opportunity for artists of one art form to engage with other art forms.

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Svanubhava is a movement which aims to cultivate a sensitivity to the arts amongst the future generations of India. 

The objective of Svanubhava is to create inter-art conversations, between artists and young audiences. In the past decade, over a hundred art forms have been staged across various venues in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

Svanubhava aims to:

  • create a community of students of the performing arts to instill in them a sense of ownership, belonging and pride, breaking all barriers of institutions and styles.

  • provide students with an opportunity to directly interact and learn from great artists, as such opportunities are not generally available to the students.

  • develop a sense of respect and mutual understanding amongst students towards the various art forms.

  • create a future generation that will contribute to the Indian performing arts, irrespective of their own pursuits.

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