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Perumal Murugan is one of the most celebrated authors of our time. A simple conversation at a book launch event led to an incredible collaboration. Perumal Murugan penned a few viruthams on the deity of Tiruchengode, Madhu Oru Bagan, during his period of silence. TM Krishna was immersed in the beautiful verses and began singing them in Karnatik concerts. In further conversations, it was decided that Perumal Murugan would write for Karnatik compositions in an attempt to break free from the present day cultural context. In what ensued as the most exciting collaboration, Perumal Murugan wrote contemporary ideas related to our lives, breaking free of the monotony of mythical stories of a bygone era. Integrating the dialectical diversion into the compositions by using the Kongu Nadu dialect, they started with compositions on the five elements and went on to produce compositions on various aspects, birds, the night, the day, the country, language, manual scavenging, the ideas of demolishing statues, women, struggles in society. It is a vast range of emotions encompassed in about 50 compositions, out of which 34 have come into music form. 

வெட்டவெளியில் (veTTaveLiyil) - The Sparrow Song | TM Krishna
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