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The Jogappas are a transgender community living around the border areas  that are shared by Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana that carry forward a singing tradition that is intense in devotion. They are a musical community who sing the praise of Yellamma but like all 'queer' communities, the Jogappas are marginalised and stigmatised. The Jogappas predominantly sing compositions in  Marathi and Kannada. Steeped in ritualistic fervour, they are strong voices with a hypnotic rhythm. By presenting karnatik music alongside them, TM Krishna has begun a rare conversation between people who are  far removed and art forms that belong to the two spectral ends of society. Through this musical partnership, Krishna has managed to question social norms, inequality and the inherent discomfort we all feel when interacting with the third gender. Musically, Krishna has worked honestly to maintain the aesthetic integrity of  both art forms, acutely conscious of the inequality in perception that exists about both forms. This project has  seamlessly brought together two unlikely partners in the most thoughtful and sensitive manner. Like always,  TM Krishna raises many uncomfortable questions through this aesthetic synergy. 

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