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Known to many as Tamil Thatha, U V Swaminatha Iyer's contribution to the language is immense. He takes the sole credit for curating a vast body of Sangam Literature through multiple sources. His autobiography, Yen Sarithram, is a testimonial of the 19th Century Tamil Society, describing the events that shaped our today. His biographical works on the lives of Gopalakrishna Bharathi, Mahavaidyanatha Iyer, and Ganam Krishna Iyer are a vital part of his plethora of works. A crucial element that not many know probably is that U V Swaminatha Iyer had also composed a few keerthanams. Though there is no available notation to these keerthanams, the ragam and talam are written down. The five available compositions were probably written down during his experience at a temple festival in Sri Lanka.

TM Krishna has tuned these compositions in the same ragas and talams mentioned by U V Swaminatha Iyer.

Release of Dr. U. Ve. Swaminatha Iyer's Compositions on his 166th Birth Anniversary
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