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Since March 2020, Sumanasa Foundation has been running a COVID-19 Artists Fund that reaches out to artists and artisans in need of financial support. The pandemic has disrupted the lives of artists and artisans across India. With almost no financial income over the past two years, the COVID 19 pandemic in India has proved to be disastrous for the artist community.

Beneficiaries have been identified through local NGO partners and volunteers in the respective regions across the country. All funds will go towards food and provisions, which include rice, dal, oils and spices. 

This has been a pan India effort, spanning over 22 states and 2 union territories. We have been fortunate to receive donations from over 1300 people across the globe, and look forward to being able to reach out to many more artists across the country. We thank you for all your support until now and look forward to your continued support in our endeavor. Please do contribute to our campaign here.

COVID-19 Artist Fund 02.png
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