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Over the past few years, I have been sharing audio recordings from my classroom on my YouTube channel. In response to this initiative, a few people have asked for specific compositions. Some of these are complex and large compositions that require a lot more time and effort to learn.  Hence, every few months I will conduct a live class where one such magnus-opus composition will be taught by me. 

Session 1:

  • Date: 27th & 28th July, 2024

  • Time: 8 - 10 pm IST

  • Composition: 'Mari Mari Ninne' by Tyagaraja in Raga Kamboji

  • Chennai-based participants can attend in-person. Limited seating available.


  • Age: 13+

  • Student should have learnt at least 20 Kirtanas

Session Fee:

  • 2000 INR

This is a fundraiser for Sumanasa Foundation to support marginalised artists.


  • While registering, you will be required to log in to your email account to complete the registration process

  • We will not be processing payment refunds towards any of the confirmed registrations

  • If you would like to avail financial assistance for this session, please indicate the same in
    the registration form

  • The online sessions will take place via Zoom. The venue for the in-person sessions will be intimated closer to date. For Chennai based participants, if there is seating available for the in-person session, we will intimate you with the venue details, closer to date. If there is no seating available, we will send you the online Zoom link to join the session

  • For any other queries, please contact or +91 95001 33814

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